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We have finished the album recordings at D-Studio. Everything went nicely and we had good times. Already at this point the forthcoming album sounds heavy, diverse and cathcy. Suvi will record her vocal parts in Jyväskylä this week and after that all the notes, melodies, chords, N-beats and growls are in the magic box. The project continues with mixing by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio in November. We are really thrilled about the new songs! More updates about the studio session at Noumena Blog and Noumena Facebook page.

"Goodbye autumn breeze, Death walks with me"

Noumena members

NOUMENA BLOG OPEN - 26.09.2012

We have finally opened NOUMENA BLOG. Find out how the rehearsing goes on and what happens in the studio as we begin recording our 4th album in the beginning of next month. Another thing: we are running out of T-shirt sizes. There will be more shirts when our next album is released in 2013.


Hello darklings! Almost six years has passed since the release of ”Anatomy of Life”. There have been lots of things in our lives in recent years, but the fervour for the music hasn't died. We have played gigs, written new songs and recorded some of them during past 3-4 years. Unfortunatelly, we weren't able to release the material.

Now, we have decided to enter studio in October to record our next album, which will be released in the beginning of 2013. There are great songs we want to deliver and chilling moments we want to share! We feel that we owe it to our wonderful fans.

So, there's going to be lots of blood, sweat and tears during following weeks as we have to grind and rehearse the songs. We shall report to you about the process and offer some pictures and sounds in some sort of diary or blog. Stay tuned!

Yours sincerely,

Noumena crew


It's our great pleasure to announce our next gig. We shall unite our forces with our MDM brothers INSOMNIUM. Noumena plays as a support act @ Virgin Oil, Helsinki on the 3rd of March. Get you tickets HERE.

NEW MERCHANDISE - 17.01.2012

New T-shirts and Lady fits available! Please check out Miscellaneous.

NEW SONG ONLINE - 24.11.2011

New Noumena song LET IT RUN RED now available! We wanted to give a strong sign of life and decided to release a new track both in audio and video. We also wanted to celebrate the forthcoming Helvation Festival II and other gigs with this grooving riff roller!





Noumena will perform live after too long a break at Helvation Festival II! Noumena will take its place on the stage on Friday 9th of December. -- A couple of words about our current situation. We have written and rehearsed over a dozen of new songs, i.e. we could record a new album anytime. Only "but" is to find a decent label to release the next Noumena album. It appears to be a job somewhat like finding a needle in the haystack. But we won't quit trying!

GIG VIDEOS - 07.02.2010

It was great fun to play on Friday! Thanks to the audience! There are two live clips in YouTube: Misanthropolis and Triumph and Loss. Enjoy!


Yeah, we are still here. Though we are almost drowned in snow here in Finland. Can you imagine that we Finns are in big trouble with snow? Neither did I...

Lately, we have been rehearsing for the gig in Helsinki. There will be - again - some new material in our setlist, and our beloved Suvi on female vocals.

We have written new songs, which we find pretty goddamn good. Time is the crucial factor here, we should find enough time to rehearse and arrange new material so that we could enter studio to make demo versions. Then we need a record deal and so on, boring stuff... but inevitable.

We are quite anxious to forge a new album and I bet you guys wait it like a preacher man waits for the apocalypse. But, we want it to be great with no fillers on it. Solid, catchy and strong songs.

Anyway, keep your horns sharp and the scene alive!


No news from the Noumena camp since the dawn of modern time! Now, we are going to change this thing once and for all.

We have had a slow-motion period going on for some time. Things will change as we enter frantic rehearsing and composing stage. There are a couple of new Noumena songs written already, but we need more. Just to show Noumena is alive and kicking, please visit Noumena MySpace and get familiar with a demo version of a brand new song called Sleep. The song also introduces a stunning new voice in Noumena soundscape. Female vocalist Suvi Uura will give you some shivers...

At the moment we don't have a record deal with any label. No need to mention, but our goal is to get one and release a convincing album in future!

We might play some gigs in Finland later this year or in the beginning of 2010. Let's see. Nothing is certain, but we shall continue our journey as stubbornly as the previous 11 years.

By the way, in Spotify you can find our latest album Anatomy of Life and the digital EP Triumph and Loss. Now all you foreign fans can enjoy that release.

We want to thank you, our dear fans, for couraging words and correspondence.We won't let you down!


Hark for I speak of anniversary...

As promised earlier, we want to indulge you with some special material. After all, this is our anniversary year and it's good milestone to thank all of you, Noumena fans. You might want to surf to Noumena's MySpace page right away...

And then some boring news. We are currently rehearsing new songs for our forthcoming album (don't ask, we don't know when it'll be released...) In fact, we played 2 brand-new songs at Ähtäri gig. Seemed to work pretty well, I guess. Take care and enjoy the dying season!


Our old domain is now forever gone. We kept it working as an alternative for more than a year, which should be enough for everyone to update their links. Some links on this site might be dead for a while, and we may need to upload some stuff to another location. Additionally, it's the time for the annual downtime of our messageboard server. It should be back online in a day or two, hopefully.


It's been quite a while since the last sign of life, but we're here. Noumena has enjoyed a torpor or winter sleep for a couple of months. We are - after all - from a town with zoo, so I guess we just aped some bear habits... Seriously and actually, we decided to have some time off from Noumena.

Now the hibernation is over. We have been writing new material and already 5 songs have been rehearsed. Sounds promising! Because of this creative phase we will play only few and selected gigs in near future. Festival gigs are welcome, so remember to push the promoters and festivals in Finland and abroad to book Noumena ;)

Btw. Noumena will reach age of 10 this year (spring to be precise). We might figure out something special for you metalheads, so be alert!

All the best, Hannu and rest of the Noumena molos


Elonmerkit ovat olleet vähissä täällä Noumena-osastolla, mutta vielä kituutellaan. Äpän karhut ovat nauttineet talviunesta, kuten täytyy. Pidimme tarkoituksella muutaman kuukauden taukoa musatouhuista ja keskityimme enemmänkin lagertouhuihin.

Olemme kirjoittaneet uutta matskua, ja viisi upouutta Noumena-rallia on jo treenattukin. Ehkä tästä jotain vielä tulee. Keikat ovat olleet vähissä näiden treenihommien takia, eikä lähiaikoina varmaan montaa keikkaa soiteta. Hellän keikkakin (Tampere) peruuntui ravintolan vaikeuksien takia, mutta Helsingissä esiinnytään vajaan kuukauden kuluttua. Jos haluatte nähdä meitä festareilla Suomessa tai ulkomailla, niin muistakaa kertoa toiveet festarien järjestäjille - mieluusti tarpeeksi monta kertaa.

Noumena täyttää tänä vuonna 10 vuotta, joten jotain yllätys/spessutouhua saatetaan keksiä. Pysykääpäs kuulolla.

Smithin a kumi,

Hannu ja muut ministerit


Ok, not completely new songs... Playlist in MySpace needed some changes, so we did some. In case you haven't heard our every song, surf to MySpace and see/listen what you can find.


...meaning home sweet home! We returned to Finland last Tuesday, but it took a couple of days to write here. And we had the Midsummer festival last weekend.

But anyway, our Europäischään 2007 Tour is done and done. We had such a great and awesome time on road. Thanks to everyone who came to our gigs! We met and talked with so many nice people during our trip. Our compliments to venues, promoters and of course to Ingo and Kiste at Rock This Town. Special thanks to Hanna and Sampsa for brilliant company and osaaminen! Some report and pictures in near future, I guess.

NEXT WEEK there will new merchandise (shirts and patches) available at our website. Promise! Until then, CHEERS!

TOUR UPDATE - 10.06.2007

Greetings from hot Lübeck!

Our tour is going on quite smoothly. Audiences have been great and sun is shining (a little bit too much). The tour began with an unfortunate event as our gig in Berlin had to be cancelled due to severe technical problems in the venue.

We managed to book a replacing gig to the end of our tour, so we will be playing in PIRATE COVE (Berlin) on Monday, the 18th of June. Please stop by, if you have a chance!


It's time to stop this silence! Exciting season in Noumena camp is closing in, namely euro tour. You can find the dates on LIVE-section. More gigs are still to be booked and detailed info (support bands, venue links) will follow in near future. We will manufacture some new merchandise items for the tour and those can be ordered via our website after our tour (at latest). Thanks for our audience at Tampere and we hope to see lots of metalheads at Helsinki and Turku next week!

ADVANCE INFO: EURO TOUR 2007 - 09.02.2007

Noumena is heading for a small European tour in the beginning of June. Might be a good possibility to see us live, guys! If you want to make sure we are playing near your neighborhood, please help us. Spread the word and ask/beg/force your local promoter/club/venue to book us via our booking agent. The German Rock This Town Tourbooking office will do the dirty work for us. Email: Hölökyn Kölökyn!


Noumenan ministerit Haapanen ja Tuomela turinoivat lauantaina 10.2.2007 klo 18-20 Korroosio-radioshowssa. Joensuun seudulla oikea taajuus on 101,5 megahertziä. Muualla asuvat voivat kuunnella älykköjen visiointia nettiradiosta.


You can now enjoy the whole opening track from Anatomy of life HERE


Finnish TV channel Nelonen has some quality music in their weekly ice hockey program... CHECK HERE!

FMA 2006 - 20.12.2006

Käykäähän lapsukaiset ja muut nuorisoyhtye Noumenan kannattajat jättämässä puumerkkinne Finnish Metal Awards 2006 -äänestyksessä. Edustuksellisen demokratian hengessä totean: Meillä on sama ketä äänestätte, kunhan vain äänestätte.

New reviews and Album of the Month - 03.12.2006

Once again, good load of articles added. Anatomy of Life continues to gather (mainly) good reviews, which is always nice! Finnish Metal Webzine introduces AOL as the Album of the Month. Wicked!


Uudessa Infernossa (#41) ja uudessa Suessa (#100) jutut Noumenasta Anatomy of Lifen tiimoilta. Ostakaa ja lukekaa.

Layout update - 01.11.2006

Noumena homepage has gone through a facelift. Some stuff is still missing, for example the new guestbook and sitemap. We will add more new content to the site during the next few days. If you have any comments, wishes or bug reports, please write them to this thread.


Noumena astuu lavalle uuden levyn ilmestymisen kunniaksi keskiviikkona 1.11.2006. Paikkana On the Rocks, Helsinki. Paikan päällä parastaan antamassa myös Hanna Leinonen ja Tuomas Tuominen.

Messissä myös loistavat Insomnium ja The Scourger. Tulkaahan hillumaan uuden levymme kunniaksi!

ANATOMY OF LIFE ennakkokuuntelussa - 23.10.2006

Reilun viikon päästä ilmestyvä albumimme ANATOMY OF LIFE soi Tampereella Inferno Barissa keskiviikkona 25.10. Lisätietoja Infernon kotisivuilta.

SPINEFEAST - 18.10.2006

Perjantaina mäsäytetään Nosturissa!

Homman nimi on tämä: uutta matskua, vanhaa matskua, vanhoja tuttuja vieraita ja paitoja myynnissä. Laitetaan leiska virtaamaan! TERVETULOA!

Mikäli et pääse keikalle, paloja Spinefeastin meiningistä voit seurata myös Internetin välityksellä. Lähetys alkaa viimeistään klo 20.45 sekä perjantaina että lauantaina. Klikkaa viestin lopussa olevaa linkkiä ja nauti!

If you can't get to Spinefeast you can enjoy the feast atmosphere via Internet! On both Friday and Saturday there will be some stream material available, starting at 20.45 o'clock (Finnish time, GMT +2) at latest. Just click the link below and follow orders.

Neo Arena

Preorder/Ennakkotilaa Anatomy of Life - 02.10.2006

Now you can preorder our forthcoming album Anatomy of Life. Finnish Record Store X delivers orders abroad as well. They are quite quick in their turns and they accept variety of paying methods (inc. PayPal). Recommended also for orders outside Europe!

Anatomy of Life on nyt ennakkotilattavissa Levykauppa ÄX:stä! Hoida homma heti!




We have released a digital EP entitled TRIUMPH AND LOSS. On the eve of the new full length this is a serious appetizer. The title song of the EP is taken from forthcoming album ANATOMY OF LIFE. Other five tracks are previously unreleased and not included in the new album. EP won’t be available in CD form, but only downloadable from Internet. We have had a good buch of quality unreleased material. We wanted to offer an opportunity for you guys to enjoy it.

Samples from Anatomy of Life out now!



So, we'll hit the stage tonight in Mikkeli. This is our first gig since touring in Germany/Austria and recording the new album. I guess you'll witness some new material tonight...

Sad thing is that Swallow the Sun had to cancel their show. Noumena will be the "headliner" and Kill the Romance will deliver some serious warm up along with one TBA band. Don't ask, I don't know which.

One more thing. Anatomy of Life release date is 1.11.2006. Stay tuned. There will lots of Noumena hassle going on this autumn.

THE NEW ALBUM READY - 17.07.2006

We have finally completed our forthcoming album. It is entitled Anatomy of Life. As you might know, it was recorded and mixed in Studio Sundi Coop by Tuomo Valtonen and mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila. Tracks are as follows:

1. Misanthropolis

2. Burden of Solacement

3. Retrospection

4. The Burning

5. Monument of Pain

6. Triumph and Loss

7. Marionettes

8. Through the Element

9. Fire and Water

With the new album we have evolved our approach to melodic death. ”This time we worked more on terms of the songs. We didn’t want to squeeze every song into the same format”, analyzes guitarist Tuukka Tuomela. ”However, heavy rhythms and catchy melodies are on their place”, he continues. Along with growler Antti Haapanen the tracks include guest vocalists.

Anatomy of Life will be released in the end of October. Detailed information about release, gigs and more will follow later.

Noumena @ Myspace - 30.05.2006

A myspace page for Noumena has been added. You can visit it at Additionally, the guestbook has been closed because of extensive spamming.


We have begun to forge our third album. The mystical session takes place in Sundi Coop Studio (Savonlinna, Finland). As you know, our previous album Absence was recorded and mixed in the same studio. Why fix something that is not broken?

There are 11 songs to tame this time. New material is more diverse and has more twists and turns, but Noumena trademark elements are definitely present.

If everything goes well, recording and mixing will be done by the end of June. The new album will be released during October-November 2006. The Studio Diary in Noumena Forum.

Back from Euro Tour - 19.04.2006

Aabenraa! We're back from our euro tour. We really had good time in Germany and Austria! Thanks to every metalhead who came to see our shows. Respect! Special thanks to our jolly good Mikko and Hanna! Some pictures etc. from the tour as soon as we have time. Now we have prepare for our forthcoming studio session. Stay tuned!


Due to some billing misunderstanding, the domain for Noumena forum has expired. While it is unavailable, you can visit the forum here.


Absence cover

Someone still without Absence CD or Noumena T-shirt? We have two offers for a dirt-cheap price:

- Absence CD: 13 euros including postage WORLDWIDE

- Absence CD + Noumena "Absence" T-shirt (sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL): 26 euros including postage WORLDWIDE

Cash, money transfer and PayPal accepted. Orders and more info: merch @ These special-only-for-you-prices until 4.4.2006. Then we will go for a kill in Germany.

NOUMENA EURO TOUR APRIL 2006 - 03.03.2006


Noumena will head to Central Europe next month! During April metalheads in Germany and Austria will get a great opportunity to enjoy Noumena's music live 'n' fresh. Our club tour includes approx. 10 gigs, some still TBA. Details in SHOWS-section and Noumena Messageboard.

The tour is organized by Rock This Town Concerts. Post your wishes and questions about our tour schedule to RTT guys,

Some updates - 07.02.2006

Jack Frost is on the move! At least here in Finland. It's good time to sit tight inside and update things.

The Heralds of Fall music video should open correctly by now and our Finnish biography in pdf-format is downloadable. You can find some pictures from our recent gigs in Noumena Forum. Perhaps one day those will be place more properly to our website.

And many thanks to metal heads which have been on our gigs lately!

Another metal voting - 31.01.2006

Surf and vote for love:

METAL ENSEMBLE 2006 - 24.01.2006

Noumena pölähtää lumisille teille helmikuun lopussa. Metal Ensemble 2006 -minirundilla lavalla rähisevät Noumenan lisäksi Insomnium ja Enter My Silence. Tarkemmat keikkatiedot SHOWS-osiosta tai Forumista. Horjukaa paikalle.

Mikäli kuuntelitte musiikkia viime vuonna, käykää äänestämässä (vaikka sitten meitä):




Briefly in English: Noumena hits the road with Insomnium and Enter My Silence on Metal Ensemble 2006 Minitour in the end of February.

Noumena merchandise update - 01.11.2005

We have finally updated Noumena merchandise section. Sorry for the delay, but the minitour took its time. Besides T-shirts and Lady fits we've got Long sleeves as well. You can also pay with PayPal.

Uutta Noumena-kamaa myynnissä! T-paitojen ja Lady fitien lisäksi kaupan myös pitkähihaisia paitoja.

Minirundi onnistuneesti ohi - 01.11.2005

Rok! Insomnium-Noumena-minirundi on nyt onnellisesti takana. Touhu onnistui mainiosti, ja sunnuntaina koteihinsa kömpi väsyneitä mutta helvetin tyytyväisiä heviukkoja. Suuret kiitokset yleisölle ja lämppäreille! Varsinkin modeemisooloveljeksille...

Yhteisrundi onnistui sen verran hyvin, että jatkoa saattaa olla hyvinkin luvassa. Keikkakuvia tulossa kotisivuille, mahdollisesti.

Tällä viikolla jyrähtää! - 24.10.2005

Noumenan ja Insomniumin minirundi pyörähtää liikkeelle keskiviikkona. Tulkaa katsastamaan miten Noumena-viisut irtoavat livenä! Soittojärjestykset ja alustavat soittoajat löytyvät täältä.

Noumenan haastattelu - 20.10.2005

Uusimmassa Miasma Magazinessa on Noumenan haastattelu. Kitaristi Ville kertailee menneitä ja raottaa esirippua tuleviin ryminöihin. Uusin Miasma kaupoissa nyt!

Noumena ja Insomnium minirundille - 22.09.2005

Noumena ja Insomnium kiertävät Suomenniemeä lokakuussa viiden keikan verran. Luvassa raskasta junttausta, herkkiä hetkiä ja matalaa murinaa. Lisätietoja Noumenan messulaudalta.

Updates - 16.09.2005

A couple of reviews added and shows updated. Noumena merchandise in manufacturing phase, new shirts available in the beginning of October, at latest. Lots of traffic in our website, great thing. Thanks a lot, darklings!

Noumena @ Metal Hammer UK Bonus CD - 23.08.2005

The September issue of Metal Hammer UK includes a sampler CD of Spinefarm Records. The compilation also features Noumena with track "A Day to Depart". Which is nice...

Updates - 18.08.2005

Something new. A couple of reviews, interviews and links added. As mentioned earlier, more gigs are waiting to be performed. Visit Shows-section.

Noumena-huppareita tilattavissa - 10.08.2005

Tilaamme lisää Noumena-aiheisia vaatekappaleita lähiaikoina. Myyntiin tulee T-paitojen ja lady fittien lisäksi myös pitkähihaisia pukimia.

Samalla kuuntelijakunnallemme tarjoutuu mahdollisuus tilata Noumena-huppareita. Hupparin voi tilata vain etukäteen, niitä ei tule erikseen myyntiin. Tilaus tulee tehdä sähköpostitse osoitteeseen merch @ 31.8.2005 mennessä. Huppareissa selkäpainatus, vetuketjuton 30€ ja vetoketjullinen 35€ (hinta sis. postikulut). Tilaukset tulee myös maksaa etukäteen. Lisätietoja osoitteesta merch @ Hupparitilaus voimassa vain Suomessa.

New shirts coming up - 10.08.2005

Our T-shirt stock is empty and we will receive more shirts in a month or so. There will be T-shirts, longsleeves and lady fits available. Our foreign fans: you can order shirts abroad as well. In future you can also pay with PayPal. More information at Misc/Merchandise-section as soon as shirts arrive.

Summertime - 18.07.2005

Hot seasonal greetings from Noumena horde! It's really nice summer in Finland and we are enjoying/suffering from it. Noumena has been rehearsing some new material during last weeks, but mostly we are allowing ourselves a little free time. At the moment we are booking some gigs for next autumn. A couple of shows have already been confirmed, but there are still some more to come.

Reviews and interviews - 23.06.2005

A load of reviews and few interviews added to Misc/Links -section.

Gig and more reviews - 19.04.2005

Noumena will perform live next Friday in Ähtäri. We hope to see masses of Noumena fans at Club B52, because we are definitely going to blow up the place! Tuomas Tuominen will be on the stage also, but unfortunatelly Hanna Leinonen can't join us this time. Absence-CD's and T-shirts available at Ähtäri gig.

Two new Absence reviews have been added to Misc/links-section.

Reviews and interviews - 12.04.2005

Two new Absence reviews and interviews have been added to Misc/Links-section.

Site back online - 12.04.2005

Finally, after almost a week of downtime the site is back online. Our server provider had mixups, which are now finally, after five phone calls solved. Now I can breathe again. If you have tried to contact any e-mail address since last thursday, please send your message again.

Final sample - 01.04.2005

A sample from Slain Memories can be downloaded here. It introduces our both guest vocalists as well.

Problems with the board fixed - 24.03.2005

The problems with the messageboard are now gone. The software was changed to a better one during the process, which caused some message loss. The most meaningful ones were saved. Now the board should work fine until the end of time.

The End of the Century -sample - 23.03.2005

Our label Spikefarm Records offers the very first minute of Absence on their renewed website. Download an excerpt from The End of the Century here.

Noumena competition - 21.03.2005 järjestää nettisivuillaan Noumena-aiheisen kilpailun. Mahdollisuus voittaa tuleva Absence-pitkäsoitto. Mene ja kokeile onneasi!

Briefly in English:

Noumena-related competition @ Maybe only for Finns, but can't be sure. Surf and check out!

A Day to Depart -sample - 17.03.2005

An excerpt of the song "A Day to Depart" from our forthcoming album "Absence" is downloadable here. You can also access it via discography or media section. More samples will be released during the next weeks before the album is out on April.

New site online! - 17.03.2005

The brand new Noumena site has been launched. Feel free to browse all the content, and leave a comment to our guestbook or messageboard if you wish.

The brand new Noumena site has been launched. Feel free to browse all the content, and leave a comment to our guestbook or messageboard if you wish.