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Noumena, a prominent Finnish melodic death metal band, unleashes the fourth album Death Walks With Me in April 2013. After a couple of years in hibernation, the band is ready to show they are masters in combining the best ingredients of the genre with a peculiar recipe. The album is released by the band's own label, Haunted Zoo Productions.

The new album is loaded with heavier and more versatile music than ever before in the band's history. Noumena is bold enough to fulfil their musical visions no matter how unorthodox those might feel. The variety of instruments heard on the record is wider than usually in heavy metal, ranging from a French horn to a mandolin.

Besides the new influences, Noumena sticks with its trademark features. The album is woven from catchy and melancholic melodies, aggressive and tranquil moments and both natural and groovy sounds. Noumena won't participate in the loudness war but offers quality sounds instead of overboosted and overproduced soundscapes. The album is recorded, mixed and mastered at D-Studio, Klaukkala Finland, by Jarno Hänninen.

Thematically, the album revolves around death and loss. Lyrics reach from historical atrocities and philosophical ponderings to the moments of losing a close person and friend. But the inevitability of death makes life worth living; the songs offer moments of love, devotion and friendship, too.

Death Walks With Me also introduces the new member of Noumena: Suvi Uura. She is a talented and many-sided musician, who brings a final touch to Noumena's sound and live action. Suvi's vocal delivery is wide and deep, from touching and tender singing to brutal growling!

Noumena has released three albums, Pride/Fall (Catharsis Records 2002), Absence (Spikefarm Records 2005), Anatomy of Life (Spikefarm Records 2006) and one digi EP, Triumph and Loss (Spikefarm Records 2006). All have gathered praising comments from fans and reviewers alike when released.

Noumena was established in Ähtäri, Finland 1998. What better way to celebrate the 15th anniversary than to release an earthshaking metal album?

Noumena are:
Antti Haapanen - vocals
Suvi Uura - vocals
Ville Lamminaho - guitar
Tuukka Tuomela - guitar
Hannu Savolainen - bass
Ilkka Unnbom - drums

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