Noumena (est. 1998, Ähtäri, Finland) have offered their distinctive and unique view of melodic death metal on six full-length albums so far. Recently, the band celebrated their 25th anniversary with the single release “Silent Words” and the anniversary show. Since their latest album “Anima” (2020), they have also released singles “Ihmisen tie” and “Murhenäytelmä”, which have been well acclaimed by audience and media.

The band combines several elements in their music. Band’s unique style interweaves wistful melodies with growling and clean vocals. The songs offer glimpses of Finnish folk music and old schlager fortified with merciless and heavy base. The roots are deep in 90’s metal music. Noumena’s stories about death, loss and sacrifice are melancholic and dark, yet serene and purgative.

Currently, Noumena is working on new material and shall return with their 7th album and gigs by the end of 2024.

Noumena are:
Antti Haapanen - vocals
Suvi Uura - vocals
Ville Lamminaho - guitar
Tuukka Tuomela - guitar
Markus Hirvonen - guitar, vocals
Hannu Savolainen - bass
Ilkka Unnbom - drums

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