Noumena’s new single “Ihmisen tie” explores the boundaries of free will

Noumena, melodic death metal band hailing from Finland, have released a new single Ihmisen tie (”The Journey of Man”). True to their style, Noumena offer a heavy and melancholic track with a flicker of hope.

- After ambient and vivid Anima album I felt like writing a song, which stems from our music in the early 2000’s. However, I wanted to utilize our diversified vocals, so addition to Antti’s growls this song includes lots of vocals from both Suvi and Markus, all the way from soft choruses to screams during the breakdown, describes guitarist Ville Lamminaho.

Lyrics look at the free will and the relationship between mind and body. Is the will of the man an exception in a deterministic reality, or is the sensation of free will only an illusion?

Ihmisen tie is engineered and mixed by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studio, mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox during spring 2022. Cover art by Tiina Rikala and lyric video by Ville Lamminaho.

Noumena shall release more new music during 2022.

Ihmisen tie is now available on digital music services. The lyric video is available in YouTube: