Handful of Dust video

Snare drum - what a perfect way to open the new album! You can enjoy Ilkka's snare fills in YouTube as the lyric video of Handful of Dust is now online.

Tuukka Tuomela, composer of the song, comments: "We needed an upbeat and catchy song for the album. Less than two months before the studio I promised bandmates to write such a track by the next rehearsals. The song came up quite easily. It's full of nice riffs and killer melodies, a good way to begin the album. Thematically it's an anthem for the band and our fans. Writer of the lyrics, bassist Hannu Savolainen described the song as Noumena's 'United', 'Heathen Tribes' and 'Wherever I May Roam'. Horns up for that!"